Facebook’s hypocrisy and India’s hospitality exposed

Baaghi TV: According to the American newspaper, for fear of economic deficit, Facebook officials refused to remove hateful messages from Indian politicians and extremist Hindus against Muslims from social media websites.

The American newspaper quoted Facebook employees as saying that Ankhi Das, a senior Facebook public policy official in India, had taken no action against anti-Muslim provocative messages from ruling party BJP politician T Raja Singh and other Hindu leaders. He had said that action against BJP politicians would affect the company’s business in India.

A spokesman for Facebook said in a statement that it was considering closing the accounts of the men.

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The US newspaper The Wall Street Journal exposed Facebook’s pro-India stigma. The social media app is reluctant to take action against BJP’s bigoted leaders for fear of losing financial interest.

The report said that the BJP politician, who has been inciting people to kill Muslims and threatening to demolish mosques, is still active on Facebook and Instagram. However, those Facebook officials who monitor social media posts, have called Raja Singh’s posts hateful but a Facebook executive stationed in India has blocked action against BJP leaders.

According to the report, Facebook executive Ankhi Das is not only a BJP supporter but has also written articles in praise of Narendra Modi. He said the move against BJP leaders could hurt the company’s business.

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