Facebook’s new podcast feature to be unveiled

April 20, 2021: Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking site, is set to announce a series of new features for users next week.

BaaghiTV: According to foreign media reports, Facebook will announce its series under the banner of ‘Social Audio’. In this regard, Facebook had introduced a video conferencing product called ‘Rome’ a year ago, the audio of which The version is also included in the new series. According to the report, consumers can enjoy music through their speakers by creating a ‘virtual stage’ with a group of different people from a product like Club House.

Facebook is also introducing a product that will allow users to record a short audio message and post it on their news feed, while also connecting the podcast Discovery product to Spotify. Earlier this month, Facebook launched a new hotline application for testing, in which the creator can talk as well as ask questions directly from the audience. One of the new features of the ‘Social Audio’ series is the audio chat applications designed specifically for podcast enthusiasts.

Earlier, Facebook had launched a new app for music enthusiasts. The Facebook New Product Experimentation (NPE) team has launched an application called ‘Bars’ in the United States on a trial basis. Presented – Facebook’s app bars will be of great help to those who want to wrap, while it will also provide users with hundreds of beats on which the rapper will be able to record 60 seconds of video.

In addition, the app will suggest melodies, audio and video filters when typing wrapping lyrics in the Barz application. If you like the video, click on the fire (icon) to like it.

In addition, Facebook has introduced new features that further control the news feed. With this feature of Facebook, users can turn off the algorithm ranking of their feeds and view the content of their choice on the news feed. With the new features the user can control the comment audience but this feature will only control the audience selected from the menu. Features will make it easier to configure and browse the news feed as well. The user can view their own content on the news feed. Using this feature can avoid criticism on social media. However, this feature is immediately introduced to the pages of large companies, content creators, celebrities and brands.

Under the said feature, personalities, organizations and brands have been given the facility to close or restrict the comments section on their posts if they wish.

This means that after posting, they are given an additional option to control the comments and under the new feature, Facebook will ask personalities, organizations and brands to allow only their special friends or pages to comment if they want. So close the comments section. Facebook has introduced a feature called ‘Favorites’ that allows users to view the content of their friends and selected pages on a priority basis. With the Favorites tool, any user can select up to 30 friends and pages, after which the posts of those friends or pages will appear on the news feed first.

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