Fahad Mustafa expresses disappointment on raise in fuel prices

Saturday, June 27th: According to the report of Baaghi TV, the government is being severely criticized after the increase in the prices of petroleum products. Opposition parties have rejected the increase and the people have also protested against the increase.

Tweeting on social networking site Twitter, private TV show host Fahad Mustafa said, “Mr. Imran Khan, I know that running a country is not an easy task, but what happened (this is not rocket science) you kept telling us when you were in the opposition.

Fahad Mustafa further said, “Tell me, have I made the right decision by voting for you?”

The PTI government dropped petrol bombs on the people and for the first time in the history of Pakistan increased the prices by a lump sum of Rs 25. The people, including the opposition, are protesting against the increase in petrol prices, but the PTI is clearing the world market prices were raised after the rise in oil prices.

When Prime Minister Imran Khan was in the opposition, he used to wail after the rise in oil prices and call it a robbery on the poor. Many of his statements and tweets in this regard are on record, but now he himself before petrol became cheaper, the mafia created a shortage of petrol. This month, the poor people kept pushing for petrol. The petrol pump owners had closed the sale of petrol. Cheap petrol did not benefit the people, now the government has come under pressure from the petrol mafia to raise its own prices, which has been rejected by opposition parties.

The poor people of Pakistan are already worried because of the Corona lockdown, Corona has closed down businesses, millions of people have lost their jobs, salaries have not been increased in the budget before, now the petrol bomb is a gift from the government to the people. The people are not ready to accept any case but the government has made this gift helpless in front of the mafia.

Federal Minister for Energy Omar Ayub has said that the prices of petroleum products in Pakistan are still the lowest in the subcontinent. Last month, global crude oil prices rose sharply and the Pakistani rupee depreciated by three rupees. For these reasons, the price of petrol should have been increased by Rs 31.58 paise while the price of diesel should have been increased by Rs 24.31 paise, but the government increased the price of petrol by Rs 25.58 paise and the price of diesel by Rs 21.31 paise.

The government has raised the prices of petroleum products by a record. According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Finance, the price of petrol was increased by Rs 25.58 per liter, after which the price of petrol reached Rs 100.10 per liter.

Pertaining to the reduction in the consumption of oil in the world market due to the coronavirus, the prices had reached the lowest level in history, after which the prices of petroleum products in Pakistan were also reduced. The government had reduced the total price of petroleum products by Rs 56.89 per liter during the lockdown due to the coronavirus.

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