Fake Chinese company cons Rs 2 billion out of Pakistanis


Lahore 19th June: A fake company of Chinese origin conned Pakistanis by using a ponzi scheme out of Rs2 billion.
According to details provided by the authorities, the fake Chinese company coerced people out of thier money from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The company had made several fake investment offers from an office in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA).
It has been learnt through sources that the fake company offered to provide lavish shops, bikes and cars to people in return for their heavy financial investments. There was an intelligence report, issued by the Special Branch in October 2018, but no action was taken by the respective authorities.
The report claimed that the Chinese citizen with the help of certain Pakistani’s conned the the general public of their hard earned money. No notice was taken by any federal or provincial institution since.

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  1. Imran Mir 19 June, 2019 at 23:39 Reply

    If special branch has reported this then why hasn’t the culprits been apprehended or any action taken so far? That’s what is important otherwise its just a story like dust in the wind

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