Fake Followers; PM Khan again under fire

Fake Followers; PM Khan again under fire

On fake followers audit, it was found that out of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s 14,373,610 Instagram followers, 8,135,463 (56.6%) followers turned out to be fake!

Last year, PM Khan was a subject to fake followers on Twitter. This year, the cycle has managed to return, but on Instagram.

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Farrukh Saleem took to Twitter to give this news. While many people sided with him, PM IK’s supporters slammed Saleem on his own report of ghost followers instead.

One user suggested Saleem to do a once over on himself before attacking anyone else, let alone the PM of Pakistan. The reports show Saleem’s followers to have 49 per cent fake followers.

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Many anti-Pakistan people from India also mad fun of the results, to which one user attached the fake followers audit of Narendra Modi and replied:

“I unable to understand that why these mockers only mock to the country where they get everything to get recognized.”

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The allegation of having fake followers now seems bogus, since everyone has the access to the data collector. It looks more like a propaganda against the PM and hi government than a concern.

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