Famous Actress Ayesha Sana wanted by Police

Lahore, 13th June: Ayesha Sana, Pakistan’s performing actress who has appeared in television morning shows, film, television, and theater performances has been reportedly double-crossing many of her colleagues and friends.

According to a report by Baaghi TV, Pakistan’s famous actress and host Ayesha Sana belongs to a very prominent family living in Lahore.

According to the sources of Baaghi TV, it has come as shocking news that since last year Ayesha has been deceiving her rich businessmen friends by taking a hefty amount of cash from them.

Sources have informed Baaghi TV that Sana has absconded with around 80 to 100 million from different business tycoons in Lahore.

It has come as a surprise that a renowned actress belonging to a respectable family, who has a business association with Pakistan’s famous singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and comperes his shows everywhere in the world, could be responsible for such a fraudulent act.

Earlier it was reported that she got involved in a controversy with her ex-husband Yousaf Mirza and got divorced from him and went to press and got unnecessary coverage.

She then started asking for money from her rich friends and now she is under debt to pay 80 to 100 million to the people.

People are claiming that the whole of her family is involved in this fraud, however, her father and brother have denied such claims.

Ayesha’s wealthy friends knowing that she belonged to a respectable family, trusted her and lent her huge amount of cash. The people involved were mostly, designers, actors, and businessmen, so they consoled each other that Ayesha would return their money in time.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Ayesha switched off her contact numbers and refused to talk to anyone.

Reportedly, she had transferred the whole cash to London for investing abroad and has now disappeared from the city.

Influential people have filed for a case against the actress for forging their money and disappearing without anyone knowing about her whereabouts.

Baaghi TV tried contacting the actress but had been denied any cooperation from the actress or her family.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for further updates in this story!

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