Farmers have Boosted Pakistan’s Economy

QUETTA, Dec 18 (APP): Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Jam Kamal Khan on Friday appreciated the role of farmers for boosting the economy and food production in the country, saying we saluted them for providing food to the nation despite the difficult economic situation and the outbreak of COVID-19.

In a message on the occasion of National Farmers’ Day, he said agriculture has the largest share in the economy of the country and the role of farmers is essential for the economy and provision of food in the country.

The chief minister said that tractors, laser-land levelers, seed drills, and threshers were being provided to the growers at discounted rates for the promotion of modern farming as well as drip irrigation and tunnel farming was being promoted to increase the production in the agricultural field. He said Kachi Canal, Mirani Dam, Subgaz Dam, and other dams under construction would make vast lands cultivable saying in addition, the government of Balochistan is constructing paved ponds, drains, and pipelines to enhance the yield per acre of the farmers.

Appreciating the hard work of all the farmers on the occasion of National Farmers’ Day, he said that the process of further reforms in the agricultural sector would be continued so that the capacity of the productive sector like agriculture could be further enhanced.

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