Fast Food restaurant Johnny and Jugnu asks support against police harassment

Lahore’s most popular fast food takeaway restaurant, Johnny and Jugnu has accused police of harassing its staff for not providing free food to someone special.

According to reports, Johnny and Jugnu in Lahore’s Defence area has alleged that police dragged its staff because they refused to give free burgers to someone ‘very special.’


The restaurant released a statement on Saturday and informed that police raided their cafe and took the entire staff into custody.
The statement they shared on their Facebook page added that police arrested their staff in the presence of their customers who were waiting at their premises to be served.


Johnny and Jugnu’s statement read, “We are writing this with a lot of disappointment, anger and pain that the incident which took place yesterday was not the first time it happened and we are sure it’s not going to be the last. Not until we find it in ourselves to raise our voice, to fight.. against the injustice that prevails, against the abuse of power against a common man.”

They further said that their teams work tirelessly day in and out, to make our restaurant a better place for our people and society. and this is what we get in return, injustice and unfair treatment by the authorities.

They revealed that their innocent team was dragged to the police station just because they refused to give free burgers to ‘someone important.’

They said that they will fight till they get justice. They will fight against the tyrants, against the status quo and people who misuse their power against innocent people.
Johnny and Jugnu have asked for people’s support and to help them in their cause.

Read the full statement below:


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