FATF has Granted Pakistan Opportunity to Clean House

Imran Khan is Steering Country in Right Direction Under Difficult Circumstances: Mushahid Hussain

Islamabad: According to reports, Senator Mushahid Hussain has said that the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) has given Pakistan an opportunity to clean house. He said that on the face of it, Pakistan is taking these actions to fulfil the requirements of the FATF but in reality, money laundering and terror financing are clearly not in the best interests of the country. While addressing a webinar of the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies, he said that the FATF is a new weapon for pressurising countries into fulfilling demands and recently the UAE has also been warned over terror financing, but in reality, we ourselves need to get our house in order. He said the FATF will not place Pakistan in the black list but will keep pressurising us.

The webinar topic was “Post COVID-19 Relevance of Belt and Road Initiative: Focus on CPEC” and it focussed on the political future in view of the changing world situation. Senator Mushahid Hussain was the Keynote Speaker at the Webinar, and he stressed that the challenges facing Pakistan today are the direct result of the situation resulting from the Afghan Jihad. He said the FATF has given us the opportunity to clean up the mess, and Pakistan’s evolving stance regarding the internal matters of Afghanistan is a positive sign for stability and peace in the region.

Chairman Pakistan-China Institute Senator Mushahid Hussain praised the current government’s efforts to establish lasting peace on the Pakistan-Iran border. He said the Prime Minister’s tour of Iran last year was very important. Neither should Pakistan’s homeland be used against Iran and nor should Iran’s be used against Pakistan. Senator Mushahid Hussain said that if Jindullah had been in Pakistan, Baloch Liberation Army would have been in Iran. If we play the Irani Baloch card, they can play another card and therefore we should not indulge in such petty things because that would only promote India’s interests.

The speakers also exchanged views regarding the warming relations between India and America and on the emergence of the terrorist groups Al-Qaeda and Daesh in Afghanistan. Mushahid Hussain said that Daesh had the backing of CIA and Mossad in Syria. This fact is present in documentary form that the Daesh militants fighting against the Syrian army received medical aid at an Israeli hospital at Golan Heights. He also said that the world is changing and the decline of the West as we knew it has clearly shown itself during the COVID19 crisis.

Dr Munawwar Hussain of the Area Study Centre for Africa, North and South America at Quaid-i-Azam University, said that America views the CPEC as Chinese expansionism and dislikes it because it considers it as a threat to itself. He said that the Americans believe that this corridor will suppress local capabilities and derail America’s free market capitalistic system in the world. 

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