Faysal Quraishi clears the air after outburst in viral video

Faysal Quraishi clears the air after outburst in viral video #Baaghi

Lahore, 8th July: Pakistani actor and host Faysal Quraishi clears the air about his recent outburst in a video that went viral a couple of days back. 

Faysal Quraishi is currently hosting a game show for Pakistani Tik Tokers on television.

Recently a video went viral on social media where Quraishi burst out at a participant named Muskaan for beating a fellow participant named Usman.

During the video, when everyone was wishing Usman a happy birthday, Muskaan was constantly beating him on the head. Therefore, Faysal Quraishi lashed out at her saying ‘everything is going on air, stop doing that.’

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After being called out at his video, Faysal has now come forward with his stance to clarify his position.

Quraishi appeared on a video on Instagram where he was accompanied by both the young Tik Tokkers, Muskaan and Usman. He said, “Let people speak, it is their task to condemn everyone on social media.”

Quraishi introduces Usman in his video telling wittingly, “This is Usman who got beaten up, which is fine, as he deserves more.”

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However, the famous host made it clear that such things should not happen in front of the camera and we should respect others at all costs.

Faysal clarified that he scolded them because they take him as their mentor and father.

Watch the video here:


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