Faysal Quraishi Live on ‘Rehmat Hee Rehmat’, Powered by Q-Mobile

Lahore, 23rd April: Faysal Quraishi the famous actor of Pakistan and a morning show host will be making his appearance on a live Ramadan Transmission, ‘Rehmat Hee Rehmat’.

According to Baaghi TV, Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube Channel is hosting a live marathon during the whole month of Ramadan. The transmission will start from the 25th of April, featuring live on the web tv, sponsored by Pakistan’s leading mobile company Q-Mobile.

Faysal Quraishi will be seen in the first episode of the transmission airing on the 1st of Ramadan. The actor who has won millions of hearts by his acting and hosting skills will make the program special by his appearance.

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Mubasher Lucman presents ‘Rehmat hee Rehmat’, powered by Q mobile

Quraishi who has already crossed 100K subscribers on YouTube is well-known on the web tv. It will be an honor to invite him for the first transmission which will be hosted by Pakistan’s leading anchor, Mubasher Lucman, powered by Q-Mobile. As reported, Najam Shiraz will be live daily from the UK on this show.

The program is designed to impart religious information to the public by inviting scholars to discuss Shariah issues. Doctors and health experts will also be a part of this program to discuss health issues and give guidelines for the exercise and the healthy diet to follow during fasting.

The program promises to be unique and interesting for the people who are home-quarantined at this time of Pandemic. The purpose of the program is to spread blessings among people.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more news and updates!

Najam Shiraz to appear on ‘Rehmat Hee Rehmat’, powered by Q-Mobile