Female Nurses Harassed, Sexually Abused in Usman Buzdar’s Constituency

After the shocking video of Usman Mirza surfaced on Pakistani social media, another shocking revelation has come to light where staff of Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Taunsa has been found to be sexually abusing the female nursing staff.

According to the details, it has been alleged that the administrative staff of THQ Hospital Taunsa, which is the constituency of Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Usman Buzdar, has been found to be sexually abusing the female nursing staff of the hospital. Female nurses and staff at the hospital are facing sexual harassment as many incidents of sexual exploitation have been reported with the hospital’s female staff.

It has been alleged that women are being forced to fulfil sexual desires of the administrative staff to get their work done, however, if someone refuses to fulfil their evil desires, showcause notices are being issued. Women are not only verbally abused by the administrative staff to straighten out their administrative matters, however, they are forced to fulfil the sexual desires of the staff.

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Furthermore, women are allegedly given orders to fulfil the desires of high-ranking medical officers as a form of bribe in order to get their work done. The administrative staff of the hospital also plays an equal role in this matter. They are also forced to work at private clinics that are being operated by the senior medical and admin officers of the hospital in Taunsa.

Women who have been victims of this vicious act have demanded a notice from Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief Minister of Punjab, Interior Minister and the Health Secretary in which they demand a joint investigation team (JIT) to further investigate the matter. The victims claim that everyone from the Medical Superintendent (MS) to the administrative staff to the ward boys are attacking female staff to fulfil their desires and staff who dares to raise their voices are fired.

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One of the women allegedly claims that MS Tahir Hussain has been harassing her for the last four years for not fulfilling her sexual desires. Moreover, despite appearing on duty, the women claims that she has been issued showcause notices without any reason. Similarly, an incident of sexual harassment took place with the nurse staff had taken place right after the appointment of Tahir Hussain in the Rural Health Center (RHC), Taunsa. However, the case has been pending in the Primary and Secondary Health Department for more than one and a half years.

Is this the state of Madinah which the Prime Minister says where female nurses are sexually harassed in order to get their work done and people like Usman Mirza are barging into the room, torturing and making naked videos of women?

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Things need to change, the government needs to take strict actions on the people responsible for such heinous activities and they should be punished in front of everyone so that no one dares to commit such criminal activities. Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar, needs to wake up and take strict actions against the crime that is being committed in his own constituency.

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