Feminism being sold at the expense of male-hatred, claims Ahmed Ali Butt


Baaghi TV has learnt that although Pakistani actor Ahmed Ali Butt considers himself a feminist, he disagrees with the notion of male-hatred being advocated through the movement.

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According to reports, during his appearance on ARY’s Ghabrana Mana Hai, Ahmed Ali Butt talked about his relationship with his wife and weight loss journey among other things. The actor claimed that before and after his weight loss, people used to make inappropriate comments about him.

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When asked what prompted him to make this life changing decision, the actor responded that staying at home during lockdown motivated him towards losing weight. He added that he decided to do so to improve his health.

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According to reports, when asked about his views pertaining to feminism in Pakistan, Ahmed Ali Butt commented that although he considers himself a feminist due to his upbringing by strong women, he is forty percent not a feminist because he is in opposition of the negative aspects of the movement in Pakistan. He elaborated that forty percent of the feminist movement is geared towards promoting an ‘Anti-Man’ agenda and is spreading a negative message.

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