Feroz Khan announces the creation of an individual-level portal to help women facing sexual harassment

Baaghi TV: Actor Feroz Khan, who has temporarily withdrawn himself  from Showbiz, has announced the creation of the first individual portal to help women facing sexual harassment and other social pressures. Horrific incidents of gang rape of a woman on Lahore Motorway a few days ago
Earlier, a series of incidents in the country, including the burning and murder of a 5-year-old girl in Karachi, have left the public bewildered.

While people and celebrities are expressing grief and anger, people belonging to the showbiz are also constantly raising their voices against this atrocity and are demanding severe punishment for the accused and public execution.

Everyone seems ready to play their part in protecting women and eradicating these heinous crimes from the society. A few days ago, showbiz artists along with social activists staged a peaceful protest outside the Karachi Parish Club. He also expressed his views on the solution of these problems.

However, now Feroze Khan has also come to the fore to express his grief over these incidents and has come to the fore to help women in practice. The expectant woman can ask for help. This will be the first time an individual portal has been created.

Feroz Khan also conveyed the message to the women who are victims of harassment or oppression that they should be strong and never be afraid of criminals, bravely stand up for their rights and justice. Contact the portal and we will respond to your messages immediately. We will give and bring justice to every girl.

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