Feroz Khan says that Shehroz’s marriage should not make any difference to Saira.

Baaghi TV: Leading actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Feroz Khan while talking about the marriage of Sadaf Kanwal and Shehroz says that Saira should not be affected by Shehroz’s marriage because Saira still has billions of options.

On the social networking site Instagram, the actor held a question and answer session for the fans in which he answered the questions by his fans.

A fan asked the Khaani actor about the marriage of Shehroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal and asked him for his opinion on the new couple’s relationship. According to Feroze, people should leave Sadaf, Shehroz and Saira alone.

Feroz Khan wrote in his Instagram story that sometimes people start saying very funny things, which is wrong.

If Saira has separated and started a new life, I’m sure she doesn’t care because she also has billions of options,” he wrote.

It should be noted that Sadaf Kanwal and Shehroz Sabzwari had recently tied the knot, which they announced on social media, after which they were  highly criticized by netizens . In response, Shehroz also released a video message in which he clarified that the reason for his and Saira’s separation was not Sadaf Kanwal but the reason for their divorce was a very personal matter.

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