Riots escalate after Trump deploys troops at the protesters

Washington, 2nd June: Riots have escalated after Trump issued orders of sending troops in the United States after the murder of George Floyd by the American Police.

According to Reuters, law enforcement officers used rubber bullets and tear gas to clear the way for Donald Trump to go to church.

According to the report, the protests intensified after Donald Trump’s statement to send troops. On the seventh day, riots broke out in the White House Garden. Protesters set fire to a shopping mall in Los Angeles and looted stores in New York City.

The president said in a statement that “mayors and governors should enforce the law until tensions are resolved.If a city or state refuses to take the necessary steps to protect the lives and property of its citizens, I will deploy US troops and their problems will be resolved immediately.”

Protesters enter White House, Trump moved to a safe place

After Donald Trump issued the statement, he reached St. John’s Church, which was cleared of protesters by police. He picked up a Bible and posed for pictures with his daughter Ivanka and US Attorney General William Barr.

Bishop Michael Curry of the Washington D.C.-based church also joined in criticizing Trump’s use of the historic church for painting. Bishop Michael Curry said in a statement on Twitter, “He picked up the Bible and took pictures of himself, thus using the church building and the Bible for partisan political purposes.” It is reported that the historic church was also slightly damaged during yesterday’s protests.

Forces deployed to the White House against the protesters include the Military Police National Guard, the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security Police and the District Police of Colombia.

Thousands of protesters marched on the streets of Brooklyn in the wake of the riots in Washington D.C. Even before the curfew began, windows on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue were smashed and expensive items were being looted.

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US President announces deployment of troops to quell protests


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