FIA official suspended after harassing a young girl

Lahore, 23rd March: A video of a young man who molested a 15-year-old girl at Karachi International Airport is getting viral on social media.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, it was the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) sub-inspector who misbehaved with a young lady at the Karachi International airport.

Video of a Sub-Inspector named Sanjay misbehaving with a lady has gone viral on social media.

Watch the video here:

According to the family of the young girl, the officer tried to harass their girl and asked her contact number. They alleged that their families are not safe even at the airports now.

In the video above, the officer has confessed to asking for the contact number of the girl calling it a part of a protocol procedure from the airport authorities.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, it was also said that the girl was a Bahraini citizen, so the Bahraini consulate had lodged a complaint against the officer.

According to the latest reports, the FIA official has been suspended on Tuesday and asked to report to zonal headquarters.

Additional Director FIA, Zain Shaikh has informed that the SI has been blacklisted at the airport, while his ASF pass and other documents have also been seized.

The young girl’s family has urged that the federal government should take strict action against the concerned officer.

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