Fidous Jamal and Sana Bucha spat on twitter turned ugly



In the latest round of spat between veteran Firdous Jamal and journalist Sana Bucha, the situation is turning ugly as Firdous Jamal has given a sharp response to Sana Bucha’s criticism of him.

According to details, Sana Bucha took to social media giant twitter and wrote those who ought to be acting [in dramas] are passing judgement while those which are suppose to give judgement are acting [in dramas].

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal took an exception to the tweet of Sana Bucha, and wrote on twitter, ‘those who should be performing journalistic duties are engaged in third class modelling and those who should be modelling are engaged in lowest level of journalism.’

Twitter has gone crazy after this spat between two celebrities and the fans are tweeting about this ugly spat with a sharp aim of speaking ill of journalist Sana Bucha.

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