Five outlaws torture youngster in honour matter

MUZAFFARGARH, Nov 01 (APP):Five persons allegedly tortured a youngster and also shaved his head,eyebrows and moustache in a matter pertaining to honour at Wasandaywali village in Khangarh.

According to a police spokesman,five alleged outlaws namely Asif, Shan, Waseem, Liaqat and Abdul Ghaffar intercepted a motorcyclist namely Akbar Abbas and tortured him. They also shaved his head, eyebrows and moustache.The alleged outlaws doubted that Akbar Abbas had illicit ties with their relative woman.The alleged outlaws also undressed and tied Akbar Abbas in a shop.

Khangarh police have registered a case under section 337, 355, 148, 149 and 342 and started search for the outlaws.

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