FM Qureshi assures transparency into Afghan envoy’s daughter incident


Lahore, 19th July: Pakistan assured Afghanistan that the investigation into the Afghan envoy’s daughter’s incident will be transparent.

According to details, Pakistan assured the Afghan government on Monday that the inquiry into the incident of the Aghan ambassador’s daughter will be translucent and nothing will be hidden.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi held a press conference today in Islamabad along with National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf. Senior officials were also present in the presser.

FM Qureshi told that he had spoken to his Afghan counterpart earlier today and briefed him on the steps that Pakistan has so far taken to investigate the matter.

He added, “We have assured the Afghan government that Prime Minister Imran Khan is personally looking into the alleged abduction of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter.”

He assured that Pakistan will not conceal the facts regarding the probe and once the investigation is concluded, they will present the facts before the world.

FM Qureshi said that the Afghanistan government should reconsider its decision to pull back its ambassador and diplomats from Pakistan. He added that Afghanistan will have to cooperate with Pakistan if they want the investigation to be transparent.

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