Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi addresses PM Khan’s Sri Lanka visit


Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi talks to media on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Visit to Sri Lanka.

FM Qureshi said that our bilateral relations with Sri Lanka have always been very good. He acknowledged that, when terrorism in Sri Lanka was on the rise, Pakistan sided with them in curbing terrorism.

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“Our political consultation with Sri Lanka has been going on for a long time.” He added, “In international forums, including the United Nations, the Human Rights Council, we are in harmony.”

Foreign Minister Qureshi said that I visited Sri Lanka in December 2019. Gradually our bilateral relationship is growing. Pakistan has turned its geopolitical priorities into geopolitical priorities.

He added that the first country Pakistan signed the FTA with was Sri Lanka, even though bilateral trade was limited, at the time.

“During this visit to Sri Lanka, we had a detailed discussion on the promotion of economic cooperation with Sri Lanka. We discussed increasing bilateral trade and investment. Also at the Business Council meeting, we will discuss the development of bilateral economic ties and trade relations”, continued Foreign Minster Qureshi.

He added that there are ample opportunities for enhancing cooperation between the two countries in the field of tourism promotion.

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FM Qureshi said that approximately 62% of Sri Lanka’s population is Buddhist so, our Gandhara civilization can be of great interest to them. While Sri Lanka has the sea, we have beautiful mountains so our northern regions can provide them with equipment of interest. Therefore, we will also discuss the promotion of tourism.

He added that Defense and security co-operation are of equal importance to us in tackling the scourge of terrorism. In this regard, we have offered a 15 million credit line to Sri Lanka.

“We continue to work together on counter-terrorism, information exchange, capacity building and training. In the field of human resource development and education, cooperation is of equal importance to us”, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Foreign Minister.

“The literacy rate in Sri Lanka is very good. Pakistan can assist Sri Lanka in the medical field. We have decided to provide 100 more scholarships for admission of Sri Lankan students in Pakistan’s leading and leading medical institutes” added, FM Qureshi.

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“I have a special meeting with the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka. In this meeting we will discuss the regional situation. We will also discuss ways to make the SAARC Forum more active. We will share each other’s experiences regarding the Corona Global Epidemic Challenge”, said Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

He added, “In the field of play we are cooperating with Sri Lanka. We plan to build a Cultural Center at the ancient University of Sri Lanka. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s meeting with his Sri Lankan counterpart and delegation-level talks were very useful. We discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation in multilateral fields”.

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