Former Chief Secretary may resume his post

Islamabad, 1st June: There is a strong possibility that the former chief secretary will be brought back to his post due to his performance.

In Punjab, despite the tireless efforts of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar to promote the vision of the Prime Minister and make it successful, the bureaucracy continues to create obstacles.

According to sources, the bureaucracy is reluctant to work on the line of Chief Minister Buzdar despite the changes in the Chief Secretary Punjab in a short time.

Sources said that the current Commerce Secretary Yousuf Naseem Khokhar was the Chief Secretary Punjab, so he not only had the confidence of both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, but he played an important role in conveying the fruits of Chief Minister Buzdar’s initiatives to the people as per the Prime Minister’s vision.

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With the collaboration of the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary, Punjab has seen significant improvements in various areas, including health, law and order, agriculture and education.

Sources said that Chief Minister Buzdar, who has saved the party and allies in the province from splitting into several factions, has a strong possibility of re-appointing Yousuf Naseem Khokhar as Chief Secretary to further improve performance and control unbridled bureaucracy.

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