Four children killed in Australia bouncy castle tragedy

Dec 16, 2021: Four children were killed and several others were seriously injured when a gust of wind blew their bouncing castle into a school in Australia.

Students at a primary school in northern Tasmania were celebrating the last week of classes before the Christmas break when they were thrown from a height of about 10 meters, police said.

The victims were two boys and two girls in sixth grade – all about 11 years old. The incident occurred around 10 a.m. local time on Thursday, an otherwise pleasant early day of summer at Hillcrest Primary School. Local weather services forecast “light winds” for the area, which sits on the rugged northern coast of Tasmania.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the incident was “just shattering” and “unthinkably heartbreaking”.

“Young children on a fun day out, together with their families and it turns to such horrific tragedy, at this time of year, it just breaks your heart,” he said.

“I just want to say, to the parents and families and friends, all who were there, to the other young children there and witnessing these events, I just pray you’ll have great family around you and great friends and you can come through this horrific tragedy.”

Several rescue helicopters and ambulances rushed to the scene after the incident to transport the injured to the hospital. The photos show police officers in tears and blue tarpaulin sheets, described by officers as “an extremely confrontational and traumatic scene.”

A police investigation is under way.

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