France’s hostility towards Muslims, bans pro-Palestinian rallies

Lahore, 15th May: France’s anti-Muslim sentiments have once again come to the fore, with France banning pro-Palestinian protests.

According to French media, French Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin has ordered the police to hold several pro-Palestinian rallies on Saturday and Sunday, which will be stopped and no pro-Palestinian rallies will be allowed.

Earlier in the day, a rally was held in Paris on Wednesday to protest against Israel’s brutal crackdown on occupied Palestine and Gaza.

The French minister has expressed concern that the protests could lead to similar clashes that took place in 2014.

In the month of Ramadan in 2014, Israeli airstrikes destroyed half the buildings across Gaza. And hundreds of Palestinians were martyred.

On the other hand, French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron has told the Israeli Prime Minister that Israel has the full potential to defend itself, he said in a statement issued to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the statement, Emmanuel Macron condemned Hamas’s rocket attacks on Israel and said that Israel has every right to defend itself. He also expressed concern over the deteriorating situation of the civilian population in Gaza.

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