Fraud Case Registered Against Actress Meera’s Mother


A case has been registered against actress Meera’s mother Shafqat Zehra for submitting a dishonored check of Rs 10 million.

Baaghi TV: According to police sources, a case has been registered against Shafqat Zahra on the request of a citizen named Shahid Mahmood.

According to the text of the FIR, Shahid Mehmood had given Rs 10 million to Shafqat Zehra as loan. Shafqat Zehra returned the amount by giving a check to Shahid Mehmood. However, when the check was deposited in a private bank in Lahore, the check was dishonored.

Police said that later Shafqat Zahra promised to pay the money within 15 days.

Shahid Mahmood again deposited the check in his account in a private bank in Faisalabad which was again dishonored due to lack of money.

According to sources, Shahid Mehmood was threatened with dire consequences by Shafqat Zahra on the demand for refund and she refused to return the money. A case was registered against Shafqat Zahra at the request of Shahid Mehmood.



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