Fraud in Aero Club, Karachi

Karachi Aero Club (KAC) is registered as a welfare organization. It has the land of millions of rupees which is being misused as marriage lawns and for other purposes for the personal monetary gains.

They also have a flying club at Karachi which is being used commercially for the benefit of two, one being honorary secretary, an Ex PALPA/PIA pilot, Capt Babar Saeed and number two is Capt Tanveer Sheikh.

Capt Babar, honorary secretary, has bought one airplane with the help of a undeclared (benami) company and leased it to the aero club for which he is a custodian on honorary basis, using the cover up of that company. They also import vehicle’s spare parts under the guise of this welfare organization and use them on airplanes and to sell them in the market avoiding taxes and duties in the name of welfare organization.

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The name of coveted aero club is being used for personal gains which is a heinous crime as welfare clubs are meant for social welfare activity only and should not be used for personal gains.

The accounts books are nicely covered but if money trail is followed on purchase of Cessna-172 airplane registered as AP-BMQ, all the proofs will be found as to how the payment was made and how the lease amount through benami company goes as cash to Capt Babar Saeed and being split with Capt Tanveer Sheikh as he is the partner in crime and approves the illegitimate payments which in the end go to both of them.

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The customs record on imports (airplane/vehicular parts) will also prove the claims. Such people shouldn’t be allowed to hold the positions of honorary secretary etc once it’s a known fact that they are openly doing the embezzlement and fraud.

Furthermore, Capt Babar Saeed makes 6,500 per hour on lease of AP-BMQ Cessna 172 airplane with a total of more than 1,300,000 per month with all expenses done on account of Aero club for the maintenance and parts of airplane.

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