Fraud worth billions in the name of housing society by IB officials

According to the report of Baaghi TV, it was revealed that the work of the property was started by the IB officers in the federal capital Islamabad.

Yesterday, analyst Adnan Adil from Islamabad tweeted on the social networking site Twitter, today he retweeted and said that Pakistan is the unfortunate country where law enforcement agencies themselves are involved in illegal activities and fraud. The rule of law is just a dream!


In another tweet, Adnan Adil added that he met a distinguished person today. He bought a plot in the Intelligence Bureau’s (IB) housing scheme Gulberg, Islamabad, 13 years ago. To date, they have not been captured. There are many such victims. What could be the illegal activity of the officials of a government agency? This is a fraud of billions, trillions.

Yesterday, a private TV journalist from Islamabad said on social networking site Twitter that the job of the Federal Intelligence Bureau (IB) is to gather intelligence for the security of the country, to thwart the enemies. But its officers have begun work on the property. A housing colony named Gulberg has been set up in Islamabad which has spread from 5,000 kanals to 20,000 kanals.

Journalist Adnan Adil further said that the employees of the Federal Intelligence Bureau (IB) are committing serious irregularities in the work of the property but there is no one to hold them accountable. For the last six years, people have been taking full payment of plots in Gulberg, Islamabad, but there is vacant land, no development.

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