Freezing Temperatures Have Increased Tree Cutting In Balochistan


ISLAMABAD, Dec 20 (APP): Freezing temperature in Balochistan has increased tree cutting of plants including rare plant species in the harsh terrains of the province to cater fuel needs and keeping houses warm amid lack of natural gas supply in the area.

Locals looking for firewood kept felling trees as there was no other source of fuel to cook food or keep their houses warm to cope with chilling temperature, said Member Balochistan Assembly Sanaullah Baloch.

He said sui gas would be a cheaper option but the gas supply was never extended to most parts of the province. The unfettered cutting of plants damaging the eco-system and environment of the areas was seriously detrimental and required urgent attention of the quarters concerned, he added.

During the winter season in Balochistan, locals cut down centuries old trees for firewood including Juniper tree that was among the rare and endangered species of plants, he added.

The truck-loads of wood were also carried to other parts of the province for sale.

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