French healthcare workers refuse Covid vaccine over ‘possible side effects’

French healthcare workers refuse Covid vaccine over 'possible side effects' #Baaghi

July 7, 2021: Amid fears of a fourth Corona virus outbreak due to the highly transmittable delta variant, pressure is mounting on French authorities to make the Covid 19 vaccine mandatory for healthcare workers. France24 reports that many French healthcare workers are refusing to take the Covid 19 vaccine for fear of possible side effects.

Prominent doctors of the country have called on the government to pass a law forcing nursing home and hospital employees “exposed to, or exposing those in their care to the risk of infection” with Covid-19 to be vaccinated.

The French health minister has previously warned that the covid vaccine may be mandatory for health workers if health workers do not give up their resistance to vaccines. So far, only 57% of caregivers and 64% of hospital staff in nursing homes in France have been vaccinated against polio, according to the French Hospital Federation. With the risk of a fourth wave increasing, the pressure to suppress all health professionals is increasing. But many are reluctant, sharing their concerns on anti-polio Facebook groups and on social media using the hashtag #JeNeMeVaccineraiPas (or #NotGettingVaccinated).

Retired home nurse Sylvie has denied the vaccine for fear of any possible side effects. “I don’t trust their gene therapy. There’s not much of a hindrance to the vaccine. It’s still experimental and humans are being used as guinea pigs. To me, it’s toxic.” Martin, a psychiatric ward nurse, expresses these concerns. “We do not believe there will be any adverse effects in the medium to long term,” he added. “These vaccines should only be given to people, such as the elderly and those with basic health problems,” she said.

He said half of his colleagues shared the idea and the matter has become controversial. “What will happen to those who refuse if it is needed?” He said such a law “could lead to a wave of resignations”. Anita, an assistant nurse in the gastroenterology unit, asked herself the same questions. “I wonder how a vaccine can be effective and safe in such a short time,” he said.

“We had no idea what was going on with the disease, the vaccine, the treatment; it was very different during the H1N1 epidemic, where there was a lot of information and precautions everywhere.”

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