French nationals to leave Pakistan over serious threats

Lahore, 15th April: The French embassy in Pakistan has advised its citizens to leave the country amid the ongoing protests.

According to a report from AFP, France has advised its citizens in Pakistan to leave the country over serious threats after violent protests by the religiopolitical party TLP.

The French embassy issued an advisory for its citizens situated in Pakistan, which read, “Due to the serious threats to French interests in Pakistan, French nationals and French companies are advised to temporarily leave the country. The departures will be carried out by commercial airlines.”

It is to be noted that for the last 3 days protests and sit-ins have been organized in Pakistan by Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) after their chief Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi was detained by the police.

According to reports, 3 days of protests and clashes between the party workers and policemen have led to massive traffic disruption and distress to the citizens in the major cities of the country.

A detailed report by the Interior Ministry revealed that 3 people got killed including two policemen as a result of violent protests.

Baaghi TV had reported that TLP had demanded to expel the French ambassador from Pakistan, ban on French goods and the approval of an anti-blasphemy bill.

The demands come after blasphemous sketches were published in France, sparking protests across the Muslim world.

According to Baaghi TV’s latest report, the Pakistan government has banned the religious party, blacklisting it as a terror organization after its workers carried out violent protests disrupting the traffic and public property, harassing the public and attacking police personnel.

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