From Blasphemy to serial killings; Dire need for Islamic Shariah?

We witnessed the release of a Christian blasphemer Aasia in 2018, who was charged with a death sentence under the law of 295C, by the Supreme court of Pakistan in 2009. This raised questions on the credibility of the Rule of Justice in our country. Why then, was she kept in jail for ten years if she was innocent?

وَ قَاتِلُوۡہُمۡ حَتّٰی لَا تَکُوۡنَ فِتۡنَۃٌ وَّ یَکُوۡنَ الدِّیۡنُ کُلُّہٗ لِلّٰہِ ۚ فَاِنِ انۡتَہَوۡا فَاِنَّ اللّٰہَ بِمَا یَعۡمَلُوۡنَ بَصِیۡرٌ ﴿٨-۳۹

And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah. And if they cease – then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do.

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What happened to the proofs and eyewitnesses, due to whom the Supreme court gave the death sentence to the blasphemer Asia? These questions remained unanswered but we saw a clear-cut interference of the international lobby in this specific case.

Coming to the barbaric killing of Noor Muqaddam. The animal named Zahir Jafer who slaughtered the victim brutally reportedly said to police, during the investigation, that as he is an American citizen, his advocate will respond to them. Again we can smell the expected interference of the international lobby in this case too. Police haven’t taken Zahir Jafer before the Magistrate yet. They haven’t filed a final challan yet which is delaying the stage of the indictment. Besides the fact that the murder was done on June 20 and the killer was caught red-handed with all the CCTV footage, still, that monster hasn’t received his detention that clearly shows that the Law and Order Institutions are pathetically poor in Pakistan.

Such performance of our Police department and Courts reminds me of another case that started on April 12, 2021. Without any allegation or crime, the illegal arrest of Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi, the Leader of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan, took place. He is detained up till now. Although the High Court dismissed his detention and ordered his immediate release, the detention is still continued over the order of Deputy Commissioner Lahore. Sheikh Rashid, the minister of communication, said in an interview on mainstream media that the government had enough pressure from the international lobby including France, U.A.E, and India, to ban TLP nationwide. So they had no other option other than to deal with them with iron hands. We all know that TLP was demanding the expulsion of the French ambassadors from the country and a boycott of French products on the government level. Again we witnessed a clear-cut interference of the international lobby in the country’s matter.

After all these shameful examples of western slavery on the behalf of our government, God knows how would we greet each other with happy Independence on August 14.

Let’s consider,  if Quaid e Azam had kept on taking dictations from the west, would he be able to give us this country? Or if Quad e Azam hadn’t fought the case of Ghazi Ilm ud din Shaheed (who killed a blasphemer) could he ever claim to create Pakistan in the name of Islam? Would Pakistan ever come into being if it wasn’t for Islam?

We are seeing in our neighbors, Afghan Taliban fought for 20 years with NATO and the so-called world superpower U.S.A. Ultimately the invaders left the country in utter shame and disgust. Now Afghan Taliban have almost got their country freed from the U.S. invasion. They have set Islamic Rulings in the country. Two kid kidnappers were caught there last week. The decision of detention was done spontaneously and they were hung in a public spot for the whole day. This is the way you control the Law and Order situation in the country, by providing quick and easy justice to the victim.

I ask my readers a few questions in the end…

If we had Islamic Rulings in our country, could we ever think of acquittal of blasphemers?

If we had Shariya in Pakistan, could there exist freemasons in our country? Had we been waiting for Zahir Jaffer’s death sentence till now?

If there had been empowerment through Islam in Pakistan, could we ever think of hosting french ambassadors even after their blasphemy? Could we ever think of the assassination of myriads of Muslims, in Yateem Khana Chowk, who protested against this evil act of the government?

Only if we start realizing the fact that the only salvation is in Islam, we will lead the Ummah, we will be the next superpower.

Think Hard!!!

Our land is in dire need of Islamic Shariya!

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This write-up was contributed by Bushra Abbas. She can be reached at @2convincing

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