From corruption to the Dream of a new Pakistan!

Corruption has unfolded its wings in almost every institution of Pakistan. We are living in a country where each and every person who could have looted this country blindly, has done so. It includes government, judiciary, police, education, and health services, to almost every other institution.

Corruption at the highest levels has infiltrated into the lower levels with the passage of time and also because of the never-ending greed of these corrupt entities. Several hues and cries have been made in the past about corruption but no one has done anything to stop its root causes in the past.

In my opinion, corrupt politicians have made it impossible for anyone to find the roots of the corruption to save themselves and their ill-gotten money. The current government of PM Imran Khan has a clear agenda against the corrupt people in our system. But khan is facing huge opposing forces from all the involved institutions. Whenever a corrupt big fish is caught for all his corruption, these not so unseen forces come for their rescue, and although they have no answers and proof for any of their money stored inside and outside Pakistan, they are released constantly by our Judiciary. So one starts thinking what’s the point in catching these big-time thieves if they cannot be held accountable for their misdeeds?

But seeing PM Imran Khan steadfast against all these corrupt politicians is making me believe that one day this system will get rid of these negative forces and Pakistan will be on its way to glory as it was destined to be.

The country is fast moving forward under the leadership of PM Imran Khan. While the past rulers have done nothing but wreaked havoc on the economy, weakened the institutions for their personal interests. No interest was shown in making good policies and infrastructure.
Be it, Kashmir, Foreign policy, Economy, Climate, Education, Health, and COVID situation, Khan’s government has done a huge amount of work in all the sectors.

The picture of a beautiful, new and prosperous Pakistan is becoming clear now where Pakistan is not only a safe place to live in but a great traveling and tourism destination for people from around the world. Thereby, Pakistan is going to get its respect by saying “Absolutely NOT” to all things that could harm its sovereignty in any form.

Additionally, Pakistan will have wonderful relations with its friendly neighbors, where it will tell the world that Islam and Muslims are no threat to anyone so they must be treated with the same respect and rights as any respectable citizen, anywhere in the world.

Where Pakistan would stand up against all the atrocities being done to Muslims around the globe.

Let’s hope and pray that PM Imran Khan would rule for enough timespan to make all this happen, with the help of Allah almighty.

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