Frustrations of a Stay-at-Home-Mother

We often see that the most frustrated in the society are stay-at-home mothers. They are often asked the reason behind this irritation.

Whatever they do, at least they are at home. They are at least not outside their comfort zone. No boss is monitoring them all the time. If they feel tired they can easily lie down. They can go to the kitchen and make a meal for themselves whenever they feel like instead of following lunch break rules like those in an office.

What is it then? Why so ungrateful? Is spending time with little versions of themselves really so tough that they can change the entire personality? What made them transform from a happy-go-lucky person to being so dull?

Sarah Ahmad Uqaili Contributor, Baaghi TV.

Needless to say, only a stay-at-home mother can really know what goes on during the day.

What if I tell you that all the assumptions that are made regarding them being so comfortable are actually not true? No they cannot do whatever they want to whenever they want to do. Those little creatures are enough to driving them insane.

From taking care of each and every need of their kids to managing the entire house single-handedly, they are responsible for much more than it can apparently be seen. The mental load and the notes in mind that they keep on making all the time are enough to create negative vibes around them. We often see them lashing out at kids after which mother-shaming starts that leads to nothing productive except for mom-guilt. It’s a non-productive continuous cycle.

So what is the solution?

The solution lies in cutting down the biggest factor leading to this frustration and probably the only factor which is entirely in our control. And that is precisely all these assumptions made about stay-at-home mothers.

Only if they are appreciated instead of being taken for granted all the time, it will help them feel better about themselves and make a positive change in their lives.

Sarah Ahmad Uqaili Contributor, Baaghi TV

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