Full Closure of Airspace for India in Consideration: Chaudhry

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has once again indicated the closure of Pakistan’s airspace for India.

In his Twitter message on Tuesday, he said that in addition to blocking Indian access to Pakistani airspace, Pakistan is also considering a complete ban on the India’s use of Pakistani land for trade with Afghanistan.

Fawad Chaudhry said that the Prime Minister is considering to close the airspace for India completely and the cabinet meeting also discussed the full ban on India’s use of Pakistani territory for trade with Afghanistan. He also said that the legal matters are under consideration for these decisions.

Tensions between Pakistan and India have increased since India made Kashmir a centralized area, and Pakistani social media has been demanding that India’s access to Pakistani airspace should be blocked.

Government faces intense pressure to close airspace for Indian flights after recent human rights violations in Kashmir

This demand has once again been asserted after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent use of Pakistani airspace for travel to France at the G7 summit.

It is to be noted that Pakistan recently opened its airspace for all Indian commercial flights last month after a four and a half month closure. In the meantime, Pakistan’s airspace remained completely closed for some time, but was later partially opened.

CAA extends partial airspace ban till July 12

Pakistan reopens airspace for civil aviation with immediate effect

As a result to Pakistani air strikes on Indian paramilitary forces in Pulwama, India-administered Kashmir in February, the bombing of Indian aircraft in Balakot and then the destruction of Indian warplanes by Pakistan, the airspace was closed for all Indian commercial and private flights.

The most affected by this embargo was international flights from Europe to Southeast Asia that used the Indian airspace.

As a result, where the costs of airlines have increased, the duration of flights also increased and many non-stop flights were now had to be fueled with additional costs.

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