Future of Afghanistan and Indian Conspiracy against Pakistan

The Taliban are expected to come into power after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, they will form a government and there is no doubt that the world will have to recognize them. The eyes of the world are now on the Taliban and their leadership is moving forward with very clear ideas.

Afghan Taliban also held talks with different countries on an equal footing and are presenting their position to the world with a very clear and logical argument. In this regard, recently Afghan Taliban’s leadership visited China.

Taliban are not in favor of interfering in the internal affairs of any country, nor do they want to allow anyone to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. They want to rebuild their country after decades of war. The Taliban has made it clear once again that Afghans cannot be subjugated. The Afghan Taliban are a reality and the world is giving them importance.

Recently, the UK has also agreed to work with a possible Taliban government in Afghanistan. This is a major step forward for the Taliban. Certainly, the British consent will send a positive message to the world about recognizing the Taliban. The Afghan Taliban welcomed the British government’s desire to recognize the Taliban government, saying: “We adhere to international norms and want good relations with all countries.” Our land will not be used against any country and no one will be allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. We will provide the world with good investment opportunities. It should be noted that the UK’s announcement of recognition of the Taliban has made it clear that the international community has no choice but to recognize the Taliban.

It is pertinent to mention here that, Pakistan’s peace is also linked to a peaceful Afghanistan. In the current situation, Pakistan is sending a message of respect for public sentiment in Afghanistan. Pakistan wants lasting peace in Afghanistan.

After the Afghan Taliban’s control on Bab-e-Dosti and the Afghan border district of Spin Boldak, the district’s official affairs have also been in power to the Taliban. Thus, the support of the Taliban from all sides and their continued occupation of areas proves that they are not far from their destination.

Additionally, Pakistan is working to pave the way for the return of Afghan refugees. Pakistan wants the Afghan refugees to return to their homeland. Pakistan does not intend to bear any more burden of these refugees that is why Pakistan supports the establishment of a government with public support in Afghanistan because of the return and care of Afghan refugees Only a government with public support can do that.

In this circumstance, holding the peace conference will also send a message to the world about Pakistan’s efforts to establish peace in the region. The conference will also help the Afghan leadership come together and develop a strategy for dealing with future difficulties. The world will also realize how strong the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan are. Holding this conference will also deprive India of conspiracies to destroy peace. In the current situation, India’s role is very negative.

On the one hand, Pakistan is working for peace in Afghanistan, on the other hand, India is engaged in conspiracies to destroy Pakistan’s peace. Pakistan has raised the issue of India’s use of terrorism as a state weapon and India’s financing of terrorists.

Pakistan is working to thwart Indian conspiracies. While India is engaged in terrorist activities in Pakistan through Afghanistan. Indian consulates in Afghanistan are being used to sponsor terrorists. India is financing terrorists under the guise of its consulates. Peace in the region is under threat due to the nexus between the Indian intelligence agency RAW and Afghanistan’s NDS. The intelligence agencies of both countries engaged in conspiracies to destabilize the law and order situation in Pakistan.

India is spending billions of rupees to destroy law and order in Pakistan. Three billion rupees have been recovered from the compound of an Afghan NDS colonel in Kandahar. The money was to be used to disrupt law and order in Pakistan so that acts of terrorism could destabilize the atmosphere of unity in Pakistan.

It should be noted here, in the light of giving clear evidence of India’s sponsorship and financing of terrorists, it is imperative to treat India harshly as a sponsor of terrorism in order to bring peace to the world. Ignoring such actions by India is tantamount to endangering world peace. The growing power of the Taliban in Afghanistan has severely damaged Indian intentions. The rise of the Taliban is shattering India’s dreams as the Taliban refuses to be part of the Indian conspiracy.

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