Future of Thousands of PWWB Students at Stake

The future of thousands of Punjab Workers Welfare Scholars (PWWS) students is at stake. Defaulters of dozens of universities worth crores of rupees.

Lahore: The Punjab Workers Welfare Board (PWWB) is committed to the welfare of industrial workers and the provision of free education to their children.

According to the details, the new students are facing severe difficulties and the main reason for obstruction in the admission of children in educational institutions is the non-payment of millions of rupees in respect of PWWB fees.

Due to the negligence and corruption of PWWB, the future of thousands of students studying under it is at stake. At the same time, the burden on educational institutions has increased due to non-payment of fees for children already enrolled.

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The industrialists appealed to the Punjab government to take immediate steps to resolve the issue so that student fees could be paid on time to avoid risking the future of thousands of students. It may be recalled that this money is provided to the Punjab Workers Welfare Board only from the hard earned money of the industrial workers. Therefore, the workers should be given their due.

It is to be remembered that the PWWB has approved a 100 per cent increase in the marriage grant while the death grant for the workers’ family has also been increased from Rs 500,000 to Rs 600,000, Pakistan on Thursday last week.

A meeting of the governing body of Punjab Workers Welfare Fund was convened in the Punjab Labor and Human Resource Department (PL&HRD) under the chairmanship of Secretary PL&HRD Ahmed Javed Qazi in which Punjab Revenue Authority Chairman Zainal Abidin also participated.

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