Gadgets’ use posing threats to children mental health: Health experts

ISLAMABAD, Dec 04 (APP): Health experts on Wednesday said that the use of gadgets is increasing day by day and is posing serious threats to mental health of children and adults in Pakistan.

They were addressing the participants of panel discussion on ‘Managing Mental Health in a Digitalized Society’ on second day of concurrent sessions of 22nd Sustainable Development Policy Institute’s (SDPI) conference titled Sustainable Development in a Digital Society.

Dr Shakil Malik from United Kingdom emphasized that mental health is becoming an epidemic in Pakistan, where 20 percent people are the victims of mental illness which is causing other serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases.

He said, in Pakistan, mental health facilities are close to non-existent, urging quarters concerned to address this issue by different means.

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He said the drug addiction, use of alcohol, cyber bullying and suicide rates are increasing day by day and have become serious issues around the globe.

He said that 25 percent of men and 35 percent women are suffering from mental illness in Pakistan.

He added national monitoring by government is needed so that digital crimes can be controlled.

He said that they should focus on all the issues which are caused by mental Illness.

He emphasized that depression as an illness, caused by constant bombardment of information which is irrelevant to them and their lives.

Other health experts highlighted a game ‘Blue Whale’ that has threatened the lives of Pakistani children.

They said three children were affected by this game in Peshawar and one of them committed suicide.

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They said that by 2030, depression would become the leading cause of disability.

They said that use of meditation apps should be promoted which can easily be accessed.

They suggested that there should be proper rules and regulations for use of digital technology by the government. They said that the digital technology has both pros and cons.

They said that by the end of 2030, a large number of people would be suffering from mental health problems induced by digitalization of our society and beyond.

They said that many users of social media are being affected by its extensive use which should be monitored by the government.

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