Gambling amidst US Elections, who will be the next President?

London: The next US President will be Biden. A gambler bet more than 20 crores. According to reports, the US presidential election is in full swing in London at the moment, not in the United States.

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According to sources, CNN reported that there has been an incident where a resident of London has placed a bet of one million British pounds and has said that Joe Biden will be the US President.

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American gamblers are not allowed to bet on elections, and even the official ruling on legal sports has spread to most parts of the country thanks to the 2018 Supreme Court ruling, but the UK’s legal betting market is seeing an increase in turnout. Which makes the American vote the most credible event in history.

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Oddsmakers put Biden’s chances of winning at 65 and Trump’s at 35. Trump has slightly better odds than last week’s 2-1 odds and far better than Trump’s 10 chances to win, according to Five Treaty Eight.

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At the 2010 French Open, tennis player Rafael Nadal tied the 1.1 million bet on the third-biggest bet in Betfair history.

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