Gang smuggling big guns from abroad busted in Faisalabad


LAHORE 27th June: A series of airport seizures by Customs officials has helped bring to light a massive organised group involved in smuggling state of the art and latest weapons and ammunition into Pakistan. The illegal consignments of weapons reportedly began there journey in the United States and Great Britain. Not only were there automatic rifles and shotguns, the suspects are also importing illegally  modern sniper rifles and long-range armour piercing bullets.

Intelligence agencies are surprised and have started investigations and are trying to get to the bottom of this to determine how widespread and big the network is and whether or not terrorists are involved.

On Wednesday, Custom officials at Lahore Airport stopped a major smuggling attempt as they recovered heavy duty bullets meant for long-range weapons. At least 4,500 regular bullets, 800 exploding tip bullets, and over 3.6 kg of gunpowder were on the flight which had arrived from the United States via a Middle Eastern airline in the bags of a traveler named Mohsin Nawaz.
Because of the special security arrangements at the airport, the passenger abandoned his luggage on the scanner and fled the airport. Customs officials took footage of the incident taken from security cameras installed at the airport.

A customs team followed the accused to Faisalabad and was able to apprehend Nawaz.

During preliminary investigations, Nawaz told all as how he had been smuggling ammunition to Pakistan for quite a long time. According to prominent sources, the suspect had also previously procured gunpowder for a very big political figure some short time ago and was paid a huge price for the product.


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