Gen Bipin Rawat’s Brother Joins Modi’s BJP

India: In a big development, late CDS General Bipin Rawat’s younger brother Colonel Vijay Rawat (retired) joined the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday. Addressing a press conference post his induction, Colonel Rawat underlined that PM Modi’s vision for India had motivated him to join the party. He also shared how his ties with the BJP went back a generation to his father, who had joined the saffron party post his retirement when the state of Uttarakhand was formed.

“I am thankful to have been given this opportunity. When Uttarakhand was formed, my father was with the BJP, after his retirement from the force. Now that I have retired, I have been given the same opportunity. PM Modi’s vision and dream for India is so forward-looking and out-of-the-box. Every work is directed towards taking the nation forward, which has given me the motivation to join the BJP,” said Colonel Rawat.

He added, “I want to thank the Uttarakhand CM as well, I am very happy with his leadership and vision. He works towards taking Uttarakhand to great heights. It is not a short-term vision but a long-term program. The way BJP thinks and works is loved by everyone and looking at such a hard-working party which truly wants the nation to go forward, be it in the economy, security, or otherwise, I have joined the party.”