General Secretary PSP Claims K-IV is being Politicised

Lahore (28th Oct, 2019): General Secretary of Pak Sarzameen Party, Raza Haroon, argues politicizing Karachi’s water supply project is damaging for the public. 

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, General Secretary of the Pak Sarzameen Party, Raza Haroon, has come forward to claim that the upcoming Karachi water supply project is being “targeted and politicised”. Taking to Twitter, popular social-networking website, Haroon pointed out that the media reports regarding the project are not “the complete truth” and that it is time that civil societies and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) need to step in because water is the “lifeline of Karachi”. He added that he is in the process of collecting and compiling the facts which he will disclose soon.

Moreover, Haroon continued to argue that water which is an essential for human life is being used for “politics, power and money”. He added that the project is being “halted/hijacked” on the basis of “vested interest”. Consequently, pointing out that there seems to be “no consideration” for the people of Sindh, specifically for residents of the port city, as they are being deprived of “clean drinking water”.

Raza Haroon went on to comment that the blame lies within “massive politics, commercial interests and personal gains and issues of misuse of authority” which correlates with corrupt practices. He has further claimed that it is being politicized, to manipulate and damage Karachi’s lifeline.

In another tweet, Haroon has stated that there is a lack of consideration for the people of Karachi arguing that the K-IV Project which was launched for Sindh and is close to completion is in danger, asserting that because water is basic for human life, the issue must be dealt with “as matter of #NationalEmergency and public importance”.

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