Germany arrests Britisher on suspicion of spying for Russia as China sentences Canadian citizens in separate cases

Aug 11, 2021: According to the prosecution, German police have arrested a British citizen who worked at the British embassy in Berlin, Germany, on suspicion of providing documents to the Russian secret service in exchange for cash.

The German prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the man’s apartment and workplace had been searched and that he would be brought before an investigating judge on Wednesday.

The statement added that the suspect, identified only as “David S.”, on at least one occasion, was paid cash in return for passing information to a representative of Russian intelligence.

The arrests are the result of a joint investigation by German and British authorities.

Meanwhile, a Chinese court has sentenced a Canadian, Michael Spavor for 11 years on spying charges.

The Dandong City Intermediate People’s Court said in a statement on Wednesday that Spavor, who had been in the travel and cultural exchange business between China and North Korea for many years, was found guilty of “espionage and illegally providing state secrets.”

The court said Spavor, whose closed-door trial lasted just over two hours in March, would also be deported, but did not say how much of his personal property had been confiscated.

Spavor is one of two Canadians detained in China in December 2018, shortly after Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Chinese telecom company Huawei, on a extradition request to the United States.

International Crisis Group analyst Michael Kovrig is also facing espionage charges and was tried in March, shortly after Spavor. He is still awaiting a decision.

A Chinese court on Tuesday rejected the appeal of Canadian Robert Schellenberg, who was sentenced to death for drug trafficking. Canadian Ambassador Barton condemned the decision and appealed for clemency.

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