Gigi Hadid shares a glimpse of her baby’s adorable nursery


29th September: International Model Gigi Hadid posted photos of her baby girl’s beautiful nursery filled with gifts from her mum’s famous friends.

The supermodel who had been blessed with a baby girl recently posted a picture of a hand-stitched rainbow dream-catcher made by her close friend Austyn Weiner, a 23-year-old artist.

The dream-catcher was hung above one of Austyn’s paintings, on the wall which is seemingly above the newborn’s crib.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid welcome their baby

Austyn took to her Instagram story and shared a picture with the caption: “This is the first thing my niece sees every day when she wakes up. Made during the quarantine.”

Gigi Hadid's friend Austyn Weiner

Gigi and Zayn Malik’s daughter’s nursery has been filled with handmade gifts as the supermodel’s best friend Taylor Swift also sent her a soft satin blanket.

Gigi shared another photo of her and Zayn’s baby daughter to thank ‘aunties’ Taylor Swift and Donatella Versace for their gifts to the little one.

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The new mum thanked the Versace designer who sent her daughter a tiny jumper baring the iconic logo.

The new mum posted on her Instagram story: “From auntie @donatella_versace,” Gigi wrote with the adorable jumper. “And auntie @taylorswift made this!” she added next to the beautiful pink blanket.

Gigi Hadid's baby girl received a handmade blanket from Taylor Swift

In the rare picture, we can see the tiny hand of Gigi and Zayn’s baby as she lay tucked beneath the blanket given to her by her superstar ‘auntie’.

Gigi also shared photos of the numerous floral bouquets she has received since the birth of her baby girl.

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