Girl-Girl Marriage: Groom divorces bride

According to the report of Baaghi TV, Ali Akash alias Asma Bibi is married to Neha Ali after gender reassignment. Ali Akash alias Asma Bibi divorced his wife Neha Ali.

According to reports, the married couple got divorced by mutual consent. On the issue of marriage of girl to girl, Neha Ali’s father has filed a petition in the High Court through Advocate Amjad Janjua to declare the marriage illegal and unlawful. However, a Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench had ordered the boy to undergo medical treatment to prove his gender.

Instead of seeking medical treatment for Akash Ali or Asma, he replied to the court that the medical test was not being conducted due to corona disease, on which the court granted him more time and Ordered to submit the report to the court..

In this regard, Advocate Amjad Janjua says that the alleged boy in the case, Ali Akash, has divorced Neha Ali. Ali Akash alias Asma Bibi has not yet undergone medical treatment which proves that Asma Bibi created the drama of becoming Ali Akash. She is actually the girl who married Neha Ali illegally.

The lawyer further said that not getting medical treatment is also a violation of the court order. The second big proof is that the alleged boy has now divorced his wife Neha Ali. The matter will be taken to court for an appropriate order.

It should be noted that a girl named Asma Bibi married a girl named Neha. According to sources, a girl named Asma Bibi got married to a girl named Neha in Rawalpindi. The two have appeared in court and got married in court and Asma has changed her identity card and changed her name to Akash. Both girls are residents of Taxila.

The court to announce today whether to charge Asif Ali Zardari

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