Girl sentenced to 14-year jail term for fiance’s murder

PESHAWAR 17th July: A girl who conspired to kill her fiancé was given a 14-year jail term while her lover was sentenced for life for committing the crime.

Peshawar’s additional district and session court judge Shahzad Akhwanzada passed the verdict, in the verdict Reema was fined Rs300,000. Siyab, her partner in crime, was also fined Rs 500,000 with the life sentence.
Imtiaz, who worked in Dubai, was engaged to his cousin Reema last year. Reema, however, was in deeply in love with Siyab, another cousin.

Siyab claimed that Reema would instigate and taunt him to get rid of Imtiaz so they could tie the knot. After he was forced by her, Siyab killed Imtiaz in Peshawar.
Police were able to trace the suspects through their mobile phones.

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