Girls are being forced to study under the sun in Kasur

The Government Girls High School, built in 1999, is in a neglected state. With only five classrooms, the students from Grade 1 to Grade 10 take turns sitting inside the school building.

In Kasur’s Kacha Pakka village, over 1 thousand students are forced to study under the sun due to shortage of classrooms.

The students’ voices overlap when they study and the extreme weather conditions make it difficult to concentrate on learning. “Children fall ill all the time due to the hot weather,” a teacher said.

“Although there are trees planted outside, studying with no fans is miserable,” one student said. Children hope every day that more classrooms will be built and they will be able to study comfortably.

The government  of Punjab has taken no action to improve the state of the school building. The students complain that no uniforms are provided to them.People of the area decided to build the school on their own, but their efforts went in vain due to lack of money.

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