Mahira Khan in hot water again after a teaser of photoshoot released

Mahira is seen wearing bold dresses in the video

Superstar Mahira Khan received a massive outrage after a teaser of a photoshoot released on social media with the actress wearing bold western outfits.

The social media followers bashed Mahira for having the photoshoot in such kind of dressing. One of the outfit was so bold and her expressions in that too.

Here is the teaser of photoshoot featuring Mahira Khan.

The social media ignited an outrage slamming her for the bold outfits she is seen wearing in the video. After film Superstar, Mahira’s fame and positive following got increased however, after such photoshoot, it is in hot water again.

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It must be noted here that Mahira earlier had been in controversy when Momina Duraid disrespected legendary Fridaus Jamal over his comments for Mahira. Khan was observed once smoking with Ranbeer Kapoor outside a building wearing a deep necked sleeveless frock till knees. That time too, she had to face massive outrage by her fans and followers.

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