Global Student’s Union President Peer Tehleel Manzoor condemns attack on African students in RIT

Press Release: Racial Attack on Africans: Global Student’s Union President Peer Tehleel Manzoor condemns attack on African students in Roorkee institute of technology (RIT)

Global Student’s Union President Peer Tehleel Manzoor asks for strict action against the (RIT) Roorkee Institute of Technology from Uttrakhand government.

In a shocking  Incident, 2 African Students were brutally and horribly thrashed at (RIT) by the college administration, Peer Tehleel said that is really horrifying  and its clear case of  Racist Attacks on Black Students. How horrible we engage in performativity activism asserting #Black_lives_matter, in the USA, but here we beat and dehumanise them?

Racist violence, Institutional Complicity, this is how we treat minorities. I spoke to few Students of (RIT) and his friends here are the full details:

Ibrahim, a dual citizen of Nigeria and Guinea, is a student of Roorkee Institute of Technology. The administration was allegedly troubled by him repeatedly leaving the college campus without an out-pass, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ibrahim’s friend Eric, however, told Media that the administration had not granted an out-pass since March. “Ibrahim used to go out to get food,” said Eric. “And to get his phone and laptop repaired.”

According to Shehzad Ali, SI Police Station Bhagwanpur, the college administration had previously called the cops to have Ibrahim removed from the campus. But the cops had, in turn, advised the administration against it, said Shehzad Ali, and asked them to take it up with the relevant embassy. Clearly discontent with the police response, the authorities wrote to the private security guard agency “Hawk Commando” that was already associated with the college. The agency then, on the request of the authorities, sent 18 men to forcefully remove Ibrahim from the campus.

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