Gold prices drop up to Rs. 400 per tolah in Pakistan

Gold-prices-drop-up-to-Rs.-400-per-tolah-in-Pakistan #Baaghi

Pakistan: After the recent increase in the price of gold in the country, today the price per tola has come down by Rs 400.

According to the details, the Sarafa Bazar Jewelers Association state,

“After this reduction, the value of gold per tola in the country is Rs. 112,000.”

Gold prices increase Rs400 to Rs110,750

Due to this fall in the market, the price of collective gold has come down as well. It is estimated that 10 grams of gold has come down by Rs 343 to Rs 96,022.

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The Jewelers’ Association claims, the global gold barter market has also fallen by $12 to $18 per ounce.

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