Google and Levi’s Team Up To Introduce Smart Jackets

Levi’s and Google are collaborating once again to introduce two new jackets with Google’s touch-sensitive Jacquard technology built-in.

Smartphones seem to be getting old, in fact your apparel is becoming more sophisticated. Under Google’s project Jacquard, formal wear is being made smart and the first part of the project came out in 2017.

The first collaboration between the two giant companies resulted in the “Commuter Trucker Jacket”, which launched in 2017 for $350 but the technology is getting an upgrade and a fresh look this time.

The Jacquard by Google tag can easily tuck into the jacket sleeve and connects to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Jacquard allows you to trigger the time, weather, traffic conditions and your calendar. Another feature of this smart jacket will let you know if you left your phone behind.

Jacquard wearers can stay connected with simple hand gestures like swiping, touching and tapping the jacket cuff. Moreover, features such as controlling music, calling, messaging, navigation and ride hailing apps are all in the wrist. It’s also easy to talk to Google Assistant.

The technology in this jacket still relies on the Bluetooth tag, which will be mounted on a chip in the left cuff and help control music and other apps by acting like a touch-pad.

Thankfully, these updated, new jackets are significantly cheaper than before, with the standard version starting at $198, which is expensive than a normal denim jacket, but being smart is also understandable.

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